Is there a way to destroy the Virus that’s everywhere and cannot be named?

We live in a complex society.
We are constantly assailed by bugs, bacteria, and viruses.
A virus (that cannot be named – c o r o n a ) is ravaging the world.
Some people have found a safe way to kill this virus, as well as other bacteria, bugs, and viruses.

Colloidal Silver has a long history of deactivating and destroying a wide range of lethal microorganisms.

Our Silver Knight Colloidal Silver Body Spray is composed of 23 parts per million of naturally occurring silver ions or silver salts. It is safe, long-lasting and has proven effective against a broad range of microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, algae, and fungi such as mold and yeast.

Our Silver Knight Colloidal Silver Body Spray functions as an effective hand and body sanitizer.

It is all-natural and can be used to disinfect hard surfaces like door handles counters and clothes. It works like Lysol spray without harsh chemicals.

Spray liberally onto hands and suspect surfaces.
For bronchial issues, colds, flus, and pneumonia, use with an inhaler or nebulizer.
For sinus infections, fill a netty pot or large syringe and irrigate sinuses several times a day.

Front and back of bottle

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